I'm an Italian 3D Artist and Architect, with a strong interest in every aspect of artistic creativity and visual arts. Since I was a child I've always drawn, painted and been attracted to highly creative projects. The aspect that has always fascinating me is the process of giving life to ideas, whether it is the solid and technical sign of design, or the immaterial and emotional sign of animation.


From this perspective I find character rigging extremely stimulating, since it allows to give life to characters, mixing artistic and technical skills together in a challenging but enjoyable way. That's the aspect I love the most.


I started training in traditional animation in Italy, then I moved to Los Angeles, where I got professional training and some work experiences as 3D Artist in Vfx and live animation  for theme parks. Back in Italy I worked as Character Rigger for TV animation and video games, developing character setups, dynamic simulations and tools/scripts for animation.




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